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If you want to bag some of the biggest bucks in the nation, then the Midwest is the place to be. Ohio, in particular, is one of the best states in the nation for whitetail hunting season, with woods packed to the gills with the kind of trophy bucks you will be raving about for the rest of your life.


We offer Weekend, Weekly and Monthly rate specials during the hunting season, stay in our trailers or bring  your own. If your bow hunting we have a large area where you can practice and sight in your bow.  We have hunters stay with us from all over the country so give us a call and book your stay now. 

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Wolf Creek Wildlife Area is a 3,978-acre state wildlife area located 9 miles southwest of McConnelsville. The property is in Morgan county and a 10 minute drive from our campground.

HUNTING, TRAPPING, AND FISHING The best rabbit hunting may be found in reverting open fields adjacent to croplands or adjacent to woodlands with a shrubby understory. Oak-hickory stands and beech groves scattered throughout the area provide good squirrel hunting. Reverting old fields comprised of species such as hawthorn and wild crabapple with scattered pines, in combination with second growth hardwoods, provide excellent ruffed grouse and deer habitat. Waterfowl hunting is limited, but productive early in the season. Good populations of woodchuck and raccoon occur throughout the area. Muskrat and mink trapping is best along the main channel of Wolf Creek and in the larger ponds.


Fishing is a popular activity on the area. Wolf Creek and its tributaries produce smallmouth bass, rock bass, and suckers. Many small ponds ranging in size from one-half acre to over seven acres yield good catches of largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish.

Wolf Creek Shooting and Archery Range

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One of American Electric Power's best-known symbols of environmental stewardship is the company's 52,920-acre reclamation project known as ReCreation Land. The area is located five miles Northeast of McConnelsville, Ohio in Morgan, Muskingum and Noble counties. This award-winning project has been built on land that was once strip mined for its rich coal deposits. Through vigorous reclamation efforts, which include planting OVER 63 million trees and creating more than 600 lakes and ponds, AEP has turned this former mining territory into a vibrant outdoor recreation area. There is an Equine Trail, and the Buckeye Trail within this multi-use area. Recreational User's permit required.

It is the recreational users' as well as the hunters' and fishermen, etc. responsibility to know and respect the boundaries of this area and have all the licenses and permits needed while hunting, fishing, etc. in this area. All recreational users will be expected to respect the rights of private property owners in the area.

All recreational users are reminded that the rules and regulations for AEP's Recreation areas apply, as well as all of the state fishing and wildlife regulations. Driving off road in this area is not permitted. No ATV's are permitted.

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If you are interested in leasing land or having guiding hunting trips we can make some recommendations.

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